A team of international peace partners went to Western Equatoria on a facts finding mission surrounding the inter-communal clashes in Tambura. This would have been a more reasonable undertaking if only they did not come back to inform the public that their findings were to urge the government to tackle the issue and give it more prominent attention. It beats all logic if this is what a team of stakeholders and key players to the peace agreement could come out with. It is a little bit worth telling because both the state and the national government had already taken to the ground to do something, which is to stop the crisis. The team could have been telling the government and the public what they found on the ground and which area should be handled to stop the clashes from further escalation. The team spent some three hours but all they could come out with was a mere advice and not a solution. This seems to be a mockery of the situation which should not be encouraged. People who lost lives and who are facing displacement and hunger are citizens of this country. They have their relatives, kith and kin in and outside who are eager to know their fate. If only the international team would come out with the truth and whole truth behind the conflicts which they could have done since they have all necessary machineries at their disposals. It is not for them as independentinstitutions to take the public in circles since the silent majority expectedthe truth to come out from the team. They should have considered and given priority to the children and women who are suffering in the cold and with the rainy season taking toil on them. It can be argued that the team which was expected to do a good job did the opposite.

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