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By Anna Nimiriano

By Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, I would like to tell you what people talk every day on the streets of Juba City, in radio stations and in the newspapers, were about the issue of formation of transitional government on 12 November this year and sustainable peace.  You might have heard of different things a part from what I said because people talk about many issues.

The issue of peace has become a major point of discussions at radio stations for the reason that people of South Sudan need sustainable peace in the country. They want to see Dr. Riek Machar coming to Juba on time to participate in the process of formation of the new government. It is the right of the people of South Sudan to follow up what is going on. Peace is a collective responsibility of every citizen of South Sudan. Some people are participating in peace talks; others mobilize citizens to have hope in peace. Like churches, civil society and others in various institutions, enlightening people on what is going on about peace implementation in the country. At the end of the day each and everybody has played a role in peace deal.

Your suggestion on peace pact is very important. Ask yourself how much have you done for peace process, if you have done nothing still there is time for you to do it. Others can participate at the last moment and their ideas would bring peace; still they would be considering have done something good for the country.

Even sharing ideas on peace implementation is vital to push others do the work. Freedom of expression is one of the tools leading to peace in the country. Several people talked and made suggestions for peace, others talked with anger concerning what had happened in the country during the conflict. All those information need to be understood and handled in peaceful manner.  We should consider the trauma people had gone through during the war periods and during the time of peace process. Releasing it could take time and would like people to talk on free voices, for what had happened to them. They had different experiences from different states.  It is not the same as the conflict occurred in those years in different times.

The people of South Sudan have different perspectives on how they want the country to look. That would come by sharing knowledge about what you have in minds. May be your idea would bring peace within short period of time. Do not hide them for the sake of peace in the country. Silence sometimes kills good participation in any organization.  Peace starts with you, me, and all the people of South Sudan.

May God bless us all.

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