Talk less and do please

By Akol Arop Akol

In our country, we are not updated on time. I mean when something takes place either outside or within the country, we often hear the news late. Maybe it is because there are limited sources of communication.

Perhaps information is not delivered immediately after the occurrence of the event. It could be the people themselves that don’t get access to the Media, which are the sources of getting information about people and places.

And sometimes, it is due to ignorance. There are other things also which are always being said but I never believe it but, this time I have believed that we South Sudanese insist on discussing one thing for long time.

When something bad or good happens, it is very hard to get the news to alert the people in an appropriate time and after being heard late, it becomes a topical issue. It is then discussed everywhere by everyone.

The old stories or tale news are spreading all over and some rumour circulators keep adding their own ideas. When liars and gossipers get information they would run out with big open mouth and say ‘so and so’ to anyone they meet.

The things we were talking about since has not yet improved. Instead they are even worsening to unimaginable stage of not being controlled. For instance, the economic crisis, the price of commodities, the dollar rate, the national dialogue, the elections and so on… have been the topics for years now. You find everyone speaking about them.

One day I was conversing with a certain man whose wife failed to buy a certain vegetable locally called Korofo, which is one of the best traditional food cooked locally by South Sudanese.

The wife asked him to add some extra money but he was annoyed by the price hike though he later gave some money again. He said “Why are some people complaining of dollar while they don’t even know its color?”

Of course, all people know what is wrong with the currency. People also walk to the market and interact with traders who always tell them about the problems of the dollar.  Everyone knows what is going on in the country and that shows one that he or she is a true citizen.

In your own country as a citizen, you must be the first and the last to be subjected to freedom or the treason. Other citizens can talk and give their views. But they have to talk sense.  They should not gossip or lie. When a big lie is multiplied and spread widely, it would make others believe it.

They should also know that talking alone is never the solution. It is said that “action speaks louder than words.”

This generation has to be taught. Being civilized is when new things come and go. But we should not stick on them every time. Let us not talk and talk because talkative people are believed to be liars and lazy. Words are only for entertainment but actions bring progress physically.

If we want to build the country we should not keep comparing it with America, it will not build itself. Let us start building it now and then after fifty years we will at least compete in terms of development.

All people who like talking should preach peace. Instead of focusing on scattering hate speech into ears of civilians, they have to mobilize the youth and show them the right way to unity.

If we also figure out the negative parts and we run away from the country that is a way of betraying our country and ourselves. We keep evacuating the land, and put in mind that no change will come unless you contribute your ideas and efforts. Your contribution is needed so much.

It is not only talking and suggesting that people should do in one way or another. If you can speak, why don’t you do it practically instead of expecting someone else to do so? Think and implement. Dream and accomplish. Words are not what South Sudan need this time around. And if some insist on talking without working, they better pray to God to bring His salvation upon them.

The writer is a High School Student, email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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