Of the recent years, the country has seen a huge rise in the number of Artists in the nation, a phenomenon which may not be so surprising to us. Few years ago, scientific research was conducted on the Eastern Africa citizenries to find out a country that is endowed with people with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ), South Sudan topped the list; this informs us that our citizens have something between their two ears.It has been in public domain that one way of determining if someone isbrilliant is, if a person is able to cram musical patterns and notes. Our local musicians have proved it all to us, however, have these Artists explored their talents or not? We are all aware of Music Industry predicaments in the country. Bundle of challenges have created a monumental obstacle to our gifted youth to fully unleash their potential bequest for the benefit of their own and the country at large. Musicians just like any professionals out there ought to be supported,protected and safeguarded against external competition as they strive to market our country at the global stage. Last month, there was a serious teasing and ditching amongst musicians on Facebook when Tanzanian Artist was requested to come and spreadhead Peace Concert in Juba, some Artists thought they were undermined and shamed, according to them,they should have been the ones to promote peace concert. Indeed, we must embrace their music and give them ‘Nation Support’.  We need a situation in the nearest future whereour musicians would be superstars across the continent but it all depends on our inputs as people. It would be of great advantage to the Artists if the Government introduces a system that will upkeep gifted individuals in our country.

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