Talent search product keeping the flame

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Talent search product aka Donna is still keeping the musical flame burning five years down the road.

Donna, the Queen of Lokwilili broke through the music industry with her love song that caught many by surprise.

Since 2015 many thought that Donna was not serious musically, little did they know that behind her was a very beautiful voice.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Donna revealed that the famous Vivacell talent search discovered the hidden talent in her.

“It was through Vivacell talent search that I got the confidence that I can sing and educate my people through music and from that time I have never looked back musically,” Donna said.

The year 2018 when the song was resealed, according to Donna was the best year for her music as many got to know the hidden talent in her.

“Even the people who doubted me for all those years believed in me in 2018 when my first song ‘taken’ went viral in Juba and across the country”, Donna said.

There are plans to have the videos of ‘taken’ and ‘lover’ shot in order to provide visual excitement to the fans of Princess Donna.

From dropping taken, Donna featured with Fanan Ngala and the song lover was born adding the playlists of songs done by Donna.

WJ De King of Lokwilili, one of Donna’s mentors described her as a very humble and talented singer that needs support.

“Donna is gifted and all she needs is support so that she can do wonders for the industry, so I urge whoever can give a hand to do so,” Wj De King said.

Princess Donna who works as a radio presenter also revealed that the media in the country have played a big role in promoting her music and other South Sudanese music in the country.

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