Taking towns to rural areas “was a must”

By Luka Dani Logoye

Taking towns to rural areas “was a must”, but we failed, and we are now facing the consequences. What should we do to restore our dreams for the “Newborn Nation” of South Sudan?

I strongly believe that Dr. John Gerang de Mabior knew and understood exactly that after God blessed the Sudan with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005, the number one priority for the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) was to “Move Towns to Rural Areas”; bomas, payams and counties.

This was the demand of the Lord to be implemented by the SPLA/M after the CPA was signed in January 2005! After CPA, the people were to be fruitful and multiply and not to be killing one another.

The LORD God liberated the people of “Israel” through using Moses and likewise, Dr. John Gerang the LORD God used him to form viable family relationships. This stated purpose of God through SPLA/M Visionary Leader John Gerang in liberating the over 64 tribes from the oppressive hands of the Khartoum Afro-Arab Islamic.

This indicates that after prophet Isaiah prophecy to punish the Kush using the Assyrians, and Arabs. The LORD God forgave the children of Kush for their “violent and evil behaviours for, which the children of Kush have been punished (Isaiah 18).

Now through the visionary SPLA/SPLM Leader, Dr. John Gerang, the LORD God considered, SPLA/M leaders after the death of the visionary Leader Dr. Gerang immediately after CPA, that like Joshua, Salva Kiir(nicknamed Joshua) will help build a Godly family in the newborn nation of South Sudan and help the parents in raising of happy and healthy children of utmost priority in the new born nation after CPA (see Ephesians 5:21; Tit2:4-5)

God expected Salva Kiir to help the 64 tribes of South Sudan after CPA in 2005 to consecrate all things in the newborn nation to the LORD God and to manage the people of the newborn nation in a Godly way, fulfilling the divine purpose (see Psalm 8:6-8; Heb. 2:7-8).

The future of the newborn nation and people (the 64 tribes and their tribal leaders) of South Sudan is placed under the leadership of SPLA/M (Salva Kiir) in the Newborn Nation of South Sudan.

When the SPLA/SPLM tribal leaders started killing themselves in Mid-December 2013, and continue to do so after IGAD brokered peace agreement, they brought ruin, futility and suffering not only to God’s creation, but for themselves too (see Gen. 3:14-24; Rom 8:19-22).

The people and their leaders now should accept the teaching of Jesus Christ, acquiring the knowledge and understanding of what the LORD God is, make inner change and become wise, now to restore the newborn nation to its perfect place and function at His coming at the end of the age (Rom 8”19=25; 1 Cor. 15:24-28; Heb. 2:5-8; see Rev 21:1).

The people (the 64 tribes of South Sudan) after CPA were charged with being fruitful and ruling over their “Newborn Nation” of South Sudan and controlling their animal kingdoms. The “visionary SPLA/M leader, Dr. John Gerang de Mabior in 2004 – a year before the formation of the SPLM – led government in Southern Sudan we adopted a development plan entitled: Strategic Framework for War – To – Peace Transition.

The centre piece of that plan is TAKING TOWNS TO RURAL AREAS of the country.  Regrettably, for the last twelve years from 2005 to 2017, our achievement in this regard was nothing to be recorded, but mostly pursuit of personal interests” and what Pope Francis called “Fratricidal War.”

As an apprentice of Pan Africanism under William Deng Nhial from 1963 to 1968, I strongly believe that the warring SPLA-SPLM leaders should now aim to work for creating “Law and Order” and the last is reconciliation and healing the wounds they inflicted on themselves and on the innocent civilians in the newborn nation of South Sudan.

The newborn nation of South Sudan should not dream or deceive themselves and the world that under the current situations they can survive or conduct any meaningful elections to bring changes in South Sudan and anyone of them can start any work of reconstructions or service provision in South Sudan.

To do this, the warring SPLA-SPLM Leaders should accept the “Truth”. They need to wisely choose between: ending the fratricidal war (where a brother is fighting another) and deepening their historical tribal and clan hatred, bitterness and revenge wars. Or choose the total “destruction” of the newborn nation of South Sudan—the option that no one likes.

Peace is necessary now to the majority of the people of South Sudan. The warring SPLA-SPLM leaders and their factions can achieve this by urgently making a “U turn” and accept unconditionally the “IGAD, AU, UN and TROIKA’s help.

The first requirement now is to get IGAD, AU, UN and TROIK to get involved in education and development workshops or seminars to make the 64 tribes of South Sudan become more aware of the importance of law and order within their lives and in the lives of their communities, if they are to liberate themselves from the oppressive hands of hated, bitterness and revenge killing and cattle rustlings.

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