Taking part in Peace

By: Akol Arop Akol

Let us not think like peace is coming from somewhere abroad. Let us not also think it will fall from Sky into our country. Yes peace can come from Heaven only when sent by God but if our hearts are occupied by hate and jealousy towards our brothers and sisters, peace cannot prevail.

 Just like you cannot be forced to love, you cannot be forced to live in peace with others. When you have peace in your personal life, it will always keep your heart pure to easily love and forgive the wrongdoers and gives you power to control your anger that might hurt others.

Peace is the only way to heal the wounds in our hearts. The grievances can only be erased when leaders with their people reconcile and forgive one another.

Unfortunately, Citizens have their problems while leaders have their own which are perceived to be interests that favor them. After all, those interest become destructive to the whole Nation. We wonder which tool or way is the best for restoring peace whether to use political or social means.

This is the center of doubt, because even if civilians reconcile with one another and embrace peace among their communities, the actions of the leaders through political means may continue erupting more conflicts.

And in other way, the leaders would convince themselves with power-sharing, ranks and resources yet they cannot solve the problems facing civil population at the grassroots as some were there since while more were added.

This is why leaders are politically signing agreements and doing peace-dissemination to the communities to make sure they don’t escalate or start conflict.

Leaders are doing their political part but the question is, are we as citizens doing our part? It is either a YES or NO and for the rest, they are not sure if they are doing their roles.

Peace is freely given by God and should be shared among fellow humans. Someone cannot be forced to be in peace if there are daily problems affecting him/her. Preaching peace also is a role that should be taken voluntarily. We don’t need to be paid in order to accept the call of being peace-makers.

We need to go as peace disciples to preach to everyone. We can take part in peace by loving the neighbors and strangers and also forgive then when they have issues with us. Let there be no ethnic judgment or segregation because it sharpens the difference among us.

At home, street and in public places, when someone steps on your feet, do not insult his family or ethnic background. It is not the whole community that does evil deeds.

By judging one man on behalf of others, we are abusing their cultures and identity of all community members. When one lacks self-respect and respect for others, advise but don’t judge him.

Judging, blaming Insulting people with vulgar words is inhuman, it is even not correct according to God and Human Rights contexts.

Every human can go wrong but when corrected, he or she will learn a lesson and may not repeat the same thing. Mistakes are common and afterward they make us learn to avoid further wrongdoings.

Bad behaviors and discipline are common with individuals in any society. Therefore, when we meet with cruel people, we must be careful in how we associate with them.

Our response to them should not be a judgment or an abuse on their identities, personalities and communities where they come from. We have to correct their wrong deeds.

Respecting individuals and the community they come from is the best way to value, respect and co-exist with one another in peace and harmony. Taking our part in peace is by forgiving and supporting one another in time of needs.

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