It is time to take coronavirus preventive measures seriously following the increased death rate caused by the pandemic in the country. The silent killer is on the loose end and should not be ignored. The number has gone beyond 6,000 since April last year when the first case was reported in the country. It is not yet drum beating with the announcement of the first batch of vaccine being delivered. It is not to be repeated that the pandemic has and continue to cause havoc globally. The warnings by World Health Organization (WHO) and the national Ministry of Health have clearly stated measures. It is through these measures that the general public should be guided to follow to keep living. Several cases of silent deaths are being associated with the Covid-19 in and outside the country. This should send a clear message of the danger posed by the pandemic. Until something changes and the presence of the vaccine felt, people must change to follow the required measures for their own good. There are those who are floating the rules and who should be dealt with accordingly. Why do people refuse to follow the laid down measures. Public gathering and entering a crowded public transport are some of the things to be avoided. Washing hands, wearing face masks, and isolation are some of the basic requirements. The government should put in place orders to have those breaking the laws punished for their offence. They are dangerous to others and can only be safe where they are not mixed. Since the emergence of the virus, millions of people have died around the world. The global organizations and health related bodies have been trying to get vaccine for coronavirus without success until recently when they came up with findings which are yet to be accepted globally. Until then preventive measures should not be ignored.

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