Take life busy and make it easy

By Akol Arop Akol


Life is a precious gift that belongs to God

Whether you are poor, rich, young or old

You did not choose to come into the world

The creator knows you since from the womb

He protects you from wicked thorns and bomb


Despite dimness deeds you do, He makes life go on

Because He sees you as His only and winsome one
Even though you are surrounded by terrible hardship
it is to better for you to give him praise and worship

Yes, there will come a time when you lack access
But if you hope and work hard, you shall get success

For sure, there is no life without failure or temptation

That’s why you need to follow your determination

you are neither young nor old to experience pain

Despite your ups and downs, hope for great gain

You have seen, heard and you were also told

That believing your strength is the primary goal
Think before sleeping and plan for the new day
Don’t forget to confess, forgive, repent and pray

You are master of your life, but no one comes to guide
So be optimistic to understand and wisely try decide
If you start believing in yourself, that is a good grace
You shall have peace and success anytime in any place

Take very step with faith and accept any tough trouble
your nobility with respect for God will make you able

Therefore, live thankfully with smiling face and say moral words
and hope for more but with self-confidence and hard work

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