A foot for thought

Take care of yourself

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is important for everybody to take care of him or herself. You cannot live a reckless life and say God can take care of you.  God wants you to take care of yourself and He will protect you too, in the condition that you do His will. During the celebration of 10th Anniversary of South Sudan IndependenceDay this year, many people had accidents because of careless driving.

Others were under alcohol influence; they drove not knowing that they were going to be involved in accident. However, yesterday was the celebration of Eid Al Adha Mubarak; many people were driving recklessly which could cause an accident. Why doing all that, for them they thought they were enjoying Eid but if accident occurred, it would turn to sorry caused by you.

Sometimes individuals create problems for themselves; they do things in reckless manners and at the end blames turn to them.

To live long in this world one need one to take care of themselves. Nobody can take care of you unless you are still a baby or a child. For mature people what is required is to give advice those who are not mature in life to enable them know what is good and bad in terms of behavior.

The first option of living a good life is in your hands. Journalists have been taught about safety, when they are travelling and in the fields for coverage.  In reality, safety is for everybody; it is part of being safe and taking care of yourself. Professional safety is different from general safety. If you are moving on the road, you need to take care of vehicles, boda boda not to harm you. That could be done by everybody unless you don’t want to live longer in this world.

Therefore, in case of any event, people have to take care of themselves, not leading lives that could cause them harmor lead to their death. The more you take care of yourself, the more you live longer. Above all put God ahead of everything.

May God bless us all.

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