Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The Joe Biden and Donald Trump presidential captured the mood of the main stream media outlets worldwide. We watched each result with keen interests though many miles away from the USA’s Capitol Hill. It captured the attention because of the emerging political attachment that the west enjoy as they dominate others. Inwardly, it did not matter to me who won the American election but I did not want my colleagues to notice. True, there is no love lost between me and other countries in the West. I always remember why I do not hesitate to call them by their real name and character. I am an African and proud to be that black African of the African continent. East, West, North or South, home is always the best. Then it came into me on the articles compiled by one of my colleagues, Emma, titled African Elections. Going through these articles one get an insight that it is not easy to replace a sitting leadership and one remained to remember that what is called democracy is a sham in all it context. The American election which I thought would have been above the sea level was full of more sham than the African elections. When Joe Biden gave an early speech that Democrats were on the right path to win the election and Trump later removed a white paper from his inner-coat pocket displaying States that Republicans had won majority votes but still were lagging behind democrats. What made him talk of stopping and vote counting and going to Supreme Court is still a pointer that something was totally wrong in and within the democracy being preached by the west and those countries claiming to apply democracy to the latter. It has never been the case and it is only done when individual interests are at play. It is an example given to me by a friend a doctor of philosophy who happened to have been turned away from the on-going national dialogue because he did not have an invitation or listed as a delegate. He is asking why the organizers could have informed that he was one of the invited eminent people only to be refused entry. His understanding of democracy is quiet different from what is actually being practiced by some individuals. It is important the democracy should be nurtured and made to be felt in a sober way instead of being imposed and enforced. Time to collectively unite and unify what is rightly yours is now but do not let others dangle carrots to lure your mind and thinking into doing what is not right for yourself, the society and the country. Stretch your hands and let them be far away from you and your adorable possessions which should be at your protection with all possible strengths to beat the enemy at their own game.   

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