Odongo Odoyo

By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

According to Oxfam’s forecast, heavy rains are expected to hit the country in a few months triggering calamities in various parts of the country. The rains this time if the government fails to take immediate action will not only deface the country but will greatly affect the economic development of the country. Like it has always been, there is no better time to prepare for disasters than now because tomorrow will be too late. It is not hard to control floods, it is just a matter of putting dollars into it and everything will be well taken care of. The country is not ready for the repetition of the previous catastrophe which flashed people out of their homes in areas of Jonglei and Unity state.  About two years, people lost their homes and also went with the water where their basic needs were, and getting these human needs given the current economic status in the country is not going to be easy. These people however have always stood strong and they have always remained so even at difficult times when leaving home would have been better. Decades ago, the same catastrophe cut through the heart of Jonglei State and left people struggling to get a new home. But because this was their only home, they remained strong until today with the exception of a few who ran away in search of an ivory tower. Like every South Sudanese, they have had the taste of a bitter life and their hope didn’t wane. On the other hand, there have been constant Intercommunal conflicts with their neighboring State and that did not force them to leave their home either. But during the flooding, there was nothing left but to look for a saferplace where they could stay for a moment until home was safe again. But the bigger question was where to get a home for this time as they wait for the water to ebb but is it true this water will go off, that is even another bigger question. Flooding like war leaves people with no choice but to leave their homes which will make life harder to start from zero. The concerned authorities and government must not look into the matter in the comfort of their offices this time, they have to get involved and rescue the worsening situation.

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