Take care of old people

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is important to take care of old people in the house. They are living dictionary in families; tell tale stories, past histories of the family and the country at large, especially the educated one. Several of them are full of wisdom. They were not born old, but they went through many processes and stages in life that is why they reached to that age. All of us are going to experience the same and expected to live longer before death. It is written in the bible that we came from the dust and in to the dusty we shall return.  That is why if a person dies he or she is buried, meaning, they are going back to the dust.

If you live one hundred years or more than that it is God’s ‘glory, your children, grandchildren, friends and relatives will celebrate your death instead of crying. They will dance and praises God for the age and time he  gave you. Such kinds of people had been taking care of  themselves since the time of childhood. Starting with their parents until the time they became mature and responsible people in the families, societies and the country. They followed advices of their parents during the time they were growing. They were brought up well and educated to good manner at the same time they feared God.

 Certain people may not reach to that age with many reasons.  If they are not taking care of themselves, for example drinking alcohol  too much, socializing  with different people. Not eating balanced diets to maintain their heaths. I cannot tell you the types of vitamins because I am not a doctor. But any vitamin has a role to play in the body.  It is not easy to reach  the above mentioned years. It is mostly discovered that people living in the villages and eating natural food live longer that do not cause them problems in the body.

 If you don’t take care of yourselves, of course you cannot live longer. Don’t gamble that you are young and would maintain yourself to live longer.  It depends on the way you handle yourself including the above-mentioned information.  Thus, wish you happy old age, if you are still young, take care about yourselves.

May God bless us all.

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