Tag of War in Yei Local Football Association

By John Agok

There is a tag of war among officials of Yei Football Association (YFA) which prompted the President of the Association Mr. Justin Lokonga to write a letter to the General Assembly of the Association, calling for the removal of three elected officials accusing them of misconduct and lack of cooperation. 

In a letter seen by Juba Monitor the President cited  misconduct and lack of cooperation from the Vice President,the Secretary General and theFinance Secretary as grounds for removal.

“I Justin Lokonga is hereby writing this letter to the General Assembly of Yei Football Association for immediate action. If the General Assemblywantedme to continue as the President of Yei Football Association, they should remove the following people from their positions:TheVice President GamaIIsaac Emmanuel, the Secretary General MrJohn Kenyi Santino and the Finance SecretaryMrsRose ManiallaTaban.”

Mr. Lokonga accused the officials of conspiracy andcollaborating withSouth Sudan Football Association(SSFA) officials and by-passing him as their Boss.  He accused the Vice President for appointing Mama Hawa Adam as Women Representative without hisknowledge.

Lokonga accused the Finance Secretary ofembezzling funds meant for the Women League.

Lokonga vows to resign if no measures are taken by Yei Local Football General Assembly against the three officials.

“I am not going to continue working with such kind of people if they are still in office. I am going to resign as the President of Association if they are not removed,” the letter read.

South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Elections Committee on 18th December announced the results of Yei Local Football Association. The elected executive consists of the following members : Justine Lokonga as President, Gama Isaac as Vice President, John Kenyias Secretary General and Rose Manala, as Treasurer.

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