Political parties’ conference has come to an end in Juba where a number of issues were discussed under the chairmanship of the National Dialogue. The aim among others was to prepare all political parties representatives for the national forum where a number of issues will be tabled. This is to bring to the knowledge on how parties should handle national matters including governance. It is unfortunate that one or two of the parties chose not to attend the two days conference because of personal differences within and without. This is not a mature way of handling differences when they occur. People have come of age that something meant for the betterment of the general public should not be used to squire scores. There have been enough suffering that the only way out is to build trust among the general public. This can only happen if and when those in the political clout understand the need of the public before putting their self-interests before them. It is common for seekers of political favour to ignore the interests of the majority population when they want to reach their goals. Time has come that national dialogue should be nurtured continuously until the role and the aim reaches all parts of the country even after the December agenda in which the national forum is to be held. Those who feel wronged or do not agree with others should be able to embrace peace as the tool for forgiveness so as to tackle the national issues together and collectively. It is true that all cannot agree uniformly in some issues but the most important thing is to trust and move forward as a unit and a country. Let reasons prevail and those who boycotted the two days forum would find time to solace their hearts for a national cause.

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