TAAL MANA: Don’t be afraid

By Smile Katty

Why are you afraid of life? Stop crying. You are not you if you are already born. You are not poor if you still breathe. The greatest gift that you have in this world is life and the precious thing to enjoy is love. You may think that food, drinks and wearing are the things to enjoy but you are wrong.

First appreciate the gift of life. And when you are alive, love yourself, others and God who created you in His image. You will eat, drink and own large possession, but without love, everything is useless. You have seen some of the rich people are not happy or even they depart this world and leave their wealth and the honor they gained.

This is how you will learn that life is not about what you have. You can be the most powerful and the richest people whom people fear or respect a lot yet without love and appreciation for life, days will count, sun will rise and set and tomorrow it will be a different story, that once, someone lived and was gone.

Leaving the world or failing in life is not something big to block you from your journey, you have to be put in your mother’s womb and be born into the world. Though you faced difficulties, they are to test your faith. The son of God was prophesied and successfully fulfilled what was said. He knew that He would be tempted and persecuted but He faced for the sake of saving mankind.

The same to you, as a God’s child, you will also face the same problems in the world. When they happen to you, don’t ask why. Go to bed after prayers and expect a different tomorrow of joy or sorrow because you never know what will happen. The unseen events of future days should not scare you.

You want to get money but fail to get, you want to get someone you love, but rejects you, you want someone to talk to about your problems but you find yourself lonely. These are normal things that are faced by everyone. It is not only that the Evil tempts. Everyone who in this world faces the same temptations. Both the righteous and wicked are victimized.

For the righteous one, temptations happen as a test of their faith while for the wicked it happens as consequences of their wrong doings. World is made up of good and evil? God comes with his blessings. He gives love, faith, hope, healthy and wealth while in opposite side, Satan comes into your life with curses by planting hatred, jealousy, greed, lust  and fear in order to destroy you.

Anything that makes you feel bad comes from Evil. Evil will come with lots of things to make you feel afraid. Sometimes in an attractive form, you will think what you are hearing, seeing or smelling or touching is good but that could be a trap.

When the first human was tempted, the Evil came in form of an Apple, today, it comes in form of things that glow like gold. But don’t be afraid, God is watching over you. Ask Him for protection.

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