TAAL MAANA: Begotten and forgotten

By Junubni Santo

Dear father and mother, have forgotten

The children that you have begotten

Woman was your pain of pregnancy

Gone for nothing with no reward?

In the beginning was a word

And that was love that united you

As a man and woman to give birth

You promised to live forever as one

When you saw life is harder

You betrayed your companion

You abundant child of your womb

You found home like a Hell

Do you know why marriage is moral?

Children are the ultimate gift

To fulfill God’s promise

He said go and multiply the world

Respect is bigger responsibility,

Respect the wife, husband and children

As equal because they are humans

Children want to see a worthy parent

Be parent who love each other

Relationship of couple is the main

And relationship with a child

Can bear the greatest rewards.

Children grow and follow parent

They feel to be wanted and cared for

And when they are not they miscarry.

The way that they raised from

Will affect the people they will become.

The more you fight, you paralyze life

They will live in pain and lost hope

Because in the world they find no peace

When people who brought them to the world

Become careless like strangers

It is painful to see mom and Dad fighting

It is hurtful to see parent breaking up

Why did you bring them into the world?

Don’t be cursed because if they cry out

Lord will answer them and punish you

As yourself why you got married

Ask yourself why you want to divorce

Is breaking up the family the solution

To solve the misunderstandings

Where are you leaving the children?

Mother goes to the neighbor for gossiping

The father goes to age-mates for playing

Elder brother goes for peer group gambling

The elder sister goes out for clubbing

And the little children remain alone

Hungry, thirsty and lonely at home

Why have you begotten and forgotten

Your own children

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