T.B Joshua visits Juba

By: Anna Nimiriano

Yesterday Nigerian Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua commonly known as T.B Joshua visited Juba, many people wanted to see him but it was difficult. The places for him to visit were arranged and controlled by the government for the reason that the visit was organized by them. Church leaders were not fully involved to participate in the process of his visit to South Sudan. When he was speaking on South Sudan Television, there was no speech from the church representatives.

There were many church leaders who visited South Sudan; they were warmly welcomed by church leaders and Christians in collaboration with government. The aim of their visits was made clear and it was announced at churches for Christians to know.

However, for T.B Joshua it was not the case.  One of the aims for his visit could be encouraging words and restoration of hope for sustainable peace in the country. Usually, church leaders who visited South Sudan preached the word of God, performed miracles and healing to the sick people and tell them to have hope in the situation where they are in. But the programme of T.B Joshua was not clear to the people of South Sudan. Government didn’t enlighten citizens on the aim of his visit in the country.  Clerics were supposed to be involved in his visit process.

They should have prepared singers and ushers to receive him at the airport. That has not happened.  His speech should have been delivered in an opened space like Dr. John Garang mausoleum which could accommodate many people; because people wanted to hear from him. The speech he delivered some people didn’t hear, it was only those who have access to T.V which was not efficient.

 When some journalists went to the airport and to the Palace, they were wondering of what has been taking place. President Salva Kiir was meeting him indoor and the rest of the people were waiting outside. A visitor like T.B Joshua is for everybody, many South Sudanese heard about him and they would like to see him physically. The message he brought was for the people of South Sudan.

The general public believed that he is not politician to be put aside or protected like other foreign political diplomats in the country. A man of God is protected by God not human beings.  We need to differentiate between church visitors and government. Based on what I have mentioned above, there might have been problems somewhere somehow.  Nevertheless, next time if there is any visitor coming from the side of the church to South Sudan; government should form committees from different denomination to be part of the programme.

They cannot neglect church leaders. Several people know T.B Joshua’s background as a result of constant interactions with him through social media platforms such YouTube and Facebook pages. Some of these people wanted to see him in person yesterday but for some reason they could not.

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