T.B.JOSHUA, citizens react to his visit

By Nema Juma  

The famous Nigerian televangelist, Prophet T.B Joshua on Tuesday prophesized that South Sudan will enter into the New Year with a new beginning. Juba Monitor caught up with some believers in Juba to find out their reactions.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Peter Mayen said a prayer is an open petition, you cannot say that someone should not come and pray for South Sudan.

“I urge everyone to pray for South Sudan because everyone has got his own way of praying. The Moslems have their own way of praying, and Protestants have their own way and I personally as a catholic family do believe that others also have the right to come and pray in South Sudan,” Mayen said. He said as a Catholic, he respects the opinions of other citizens.

Alith Cyer Mayar said everybody has his own way of thinking, adding that the President thought that bringing the spiritual leader is one of the ways of bringing peace in South Sudan. It is okay, but what matters is that we want real peace.

“Yes or no, South Sudan must have peace, of course as citizens of this country we really want this peace, so if we don’t get peace our mental health will get worse,” Alith said.

Prophet TB Joshua Prophesized that South Sudan will have peace, “well, we are waiting for his manifestation,” she stated.

“When TB Joshua prophesized, I was in Juba town and it was raining, I asked myself if Prophet TB Joshua could be the reason for that day’s rain in Juba. Was he the one who brought together the leaders? Was he the awaited hope,” Alith asked herself. “South Sudan is waiting for the manifestation of the Prophecy,” Alith narrated

Gatluak Michael said peace doesn’t have to be prophesied, it comes when people work for it.

“Our destiny is in our hands, therefore, we need just to believe in God, repent from our sins, forgive one another and start doing the right things. Let us implement the peace in letter and spirit then true peace will come to our motherland,” Gatluak said.

He stated that Rwanda was once terrible to live in, but today, it is one of the best countries in Africa, this is because they repented and forgave each other and now they love one another, so TB Joshua did not pray for South Sudan peace but prayed for specific people but not for peace in South Sudan.

“We should also know that if it’s a matter of Prayer, no prayer would be more than Pope’s prayers that they went for but because deep in our hearts we haven’t forgiven ourselves,” Michael said.

He added that if TB Joshua was a true Prophet of God that has powers to solve Problems, he would have solved the issue of Boko haram fast in Nigeria, he should not have conducted prayers in J1 but in churches or at John Garang’s Mausoleum so that all the Citizens can attend the prayers. He added that Prophet TB Joshua would have visited the IDPs camps. So let’s not dwell on his prophecies but on our true consciences and love of true God.

The Director of Christian Relief Aid(CRA),  Joseph Opio, said that the Prophet’s coming was on time, remember date 12th was the date that everybody was hoping for good and bad and now it has been turned to the day of prayers in the state house so this indicates that it was God’s plan for the extension of the 100days.

He added that the day showed the recommitment of our leadership to the faith that they went to Rome last time and met the Pope and again they recommitted   themselves which is the day they started counting the 100 days’ extension. “So we hope as in faith by next year everything will be fine,” Joseph added.

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