Suspects arrested for killing refugees in Sudan

By Emelda Siama John

Unknown number of suspects have been arrested this morning by the Sudanese Police in Khartoum in connection with the killing of 42 South Sudanese refugees in Sennar State in Sudan

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, Achol  Malong a South Sudanese Activist based in Khartoum,s aid that the suspects were arrested yesterday morning and ordered to explain where the other missing people are.

“Thesuspects who are believed to be behind the killing of South Sudanese refugees in Sennar were arrested by Criminal Investigation Department(CID) and they are taken this morning to the sesame plantation to show the place of the remaining refugees, who are still missing on Wednesday,” said Malong.

It was first reported that fifteenSouth Sudanese refugees were gunned down by Sudanese youth in retaliation for killing of their employerin Sennar State who hired them to work in the sesame plantation. Later the number rose to seventeen and on Wednesday, the death tollwasat forty two.

This followed an agreement with the refugees thattheir boss was to transport them back after three days of work. Theirboss allegedly refused to return them back which resulted into a fight in which he was killed and the youth joined in retaliation. 

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