Suspected wizard and clients await final Judgment

By Bida Elly David                          

Suspected witches and their clients face allegations made against them  before Kator County Court. The allegations were made against them by Juba City Council during a  general operation carried out a week ago against illegal practices.

They suspected witches and their clients went through pre-trial proceedings conducted by the Public Prosecution Attorney after presentations of facts on Tuesday by Simon Wani, one of the operation team officials.

Speaking to the Public Prosecution Attorney during the pre-trial stage, Kenedy Monisare, one of the suspects said, he went to the witches’ house as a customer in March for a traditional healing after several consultations with medical doctors over his long term health problem. However, the results showed that his health was normal yet he could experience pain.

He further said that, due to financial constraints which could not enable him clear his debts for the treatment he received from the witch, he took an initiative of compensating the debts by rendering services at the shrine.

‘’I came here in March as a customer seeking treatment after several consultations with medical doctors. Due to my accumulated debts of about 45000ssp demanded by the witch Jidu Phillip, I decided to work here at least to compensate the amount of money needed from me’’. Said Kennedy before the prosecutor.

However, other women who were allegedly suspected of going to the witches denied the allegations made against them during the investigation.

The court concluded that, all defendants should come along with their witnesses as the final judgment will be delivered as soon as possible and any defendant who will be proven guilty will be punished by the law.

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