Suspected robber shot dead

By Mabor Riak Magok

A suspected roadside robber was shot dead in Cueibet, Lakes State, by security forces escorting passenger’s vehicle heading to Juba last weekend, police authorities in Cueibet confirmed.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Monday, the deputy Commissioner of Police in Cueibet County Col. MacharMourwel said the suspect identified as Makol Malony Machol was shot dead at midnightalong Cueibet road as he was attempting to stop the car in order to loot the passengers.

“I want to inform you that, last night a passenger’s vehicle carrying some security escort which were travelling to Juba killed one of the night robbers in Abiei-cok the same area where they were about to kill commissioner of Cueibet County yesterday. The body was just found lying on the middle of the road and it was found to have been killed by passenger’s vehicle’s security escort,” said Col. Machar Mourwel.

Col. Mourwel said the suspect was killed in action while attempting to loot passengers.

“He is guilty and he died for his own fault and guilt of looting other people’s properties on the main road at mid night,” said Col.Mourwel.

He said the passengers’ vehicle is on the way to Juba and the robber is dead on the middle of the road.

The executive Director in Abiei-cok,MakuacChol confirmed that the suspect which was shot dead at night was from his Payam.

Mr. Chol said MakolMalonyMachol is from Waat section of Gokcommunity.

He said since that incident occurred during the midnight of Friday, there was no any incident that happened in Cueibet County and that the security situation was stable and calm.

Attempts to reach the commissioner of CueibetCounty IsaacAkolMathiang for comment on the incident were futile as his phone was off network.

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