Suspected raiders wounded 15-year-old boy

By Kabaka Quintous Leone

Suspected cattle raiders shot and wounded a 15 year old boy in Loriok Payam Budi County Eastern Equatoria State, Mr. King David Lomana Executive Director of Loriok Payam said.

Director David told Juba Monitor that a group of armed men found 4 boys fishing in a river and started shooting them randomly leaving a 15-year-old boy injured.

“These boys were fishing about four of them in the river when unknown gunmen just started shooting at them to the extent of injuring the 15 year old boy,” said David.

He suspected cattle raiders from Kapoeta South for the shooting after they attempted to steal cattle from Buya Kraals at Kidepo area.

He urged the two communities to refrain from raids and live in peace with their neighbors.

“As a government we tried to resolve the tensions between the two communities but they don’t turn up, both of them Buya and Toposa, our message as government we need to tell these raiders to avoid raiding or fighting one another. They should avoid raiding, robbery or killing each other because now the road is okay,” the Executive Director added.

David Eriga, the Secretary General of the defunct Kapoeta State confirmed to Juba Monitor that the raiders were attempting to steal herd of cattle from Loriok Payam on Tuesday.

“Those were some criminals believed to have come from Machi area of Kapoeta South. So as they were trying to sneak away with cattle, the youth followed their footprints and managed to recover the cattle but one raider was killed,” Eriga said.

In South Sudan cattle rustling has been blamed for major loss of lives in the country. According to 2020 reports released by Community Empowerment Organization (CEPO), it started that, “eighty percent of the 2,450 human lives lost were due to inter-communal violence, revenge attacks, and armed cattle raiding.”

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