Suspected cholera outbreak in Pochalla under investigation

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Ministry of Health has launched investigations to confirm the suspected cholera outbreak in Pochalla County of Pibor Administrative Area.

Last week, at least two people died over alleged diarrhea cases believed to have been caused by suspected cholera.

The County Health Director, Amin Opiew Nyigwo for Greater Pochalla County said that the finding from the health team who were on the ground did not conclude whether the cause of the deaths was cholera.

“Due to the lack of testing reagents of cholera here in Greater Pochalla, the team was not sure whether it is acute watery diarrhea or cholera,” he said.

According to the finding collected on the ground by the medical team, there were severe diarrhea cases in the area as the flood conquered the Greater County.

The County Health Director said that he suspected that the current flooding has an upper hand in the diseases outbreak, adding that “the water borne diseases will be very high”

The Director said that the locals in Pochalla were now suffering as they fetch running water from direct Running River which is not safe for human consumption.

He urged the Health authorities to provide them with some testing equipment as the Health situation deteriorates in the County.

Dr. Wamala Joseph Francis, the Country’s Preparedness & IHR (CPI) Officer at the World Health Organization Country Office in Juba said in a shared mail that the testing kits for cholera were handed over to a local organization to figure out the cause of the alleged deaths.

“We have already handed over a cholera investigation kit to LiveWell to support the investigations in Pochalla,” the health professional said

“Also, following discussions with the Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHEOC) team, we decided to place the Rapid Resposne Team (RRT) on standby and will be available to support investigations should the need arise,” Dr. Wamala added. 

According to Dr. Wamala, they have also informed the WASH cluster in the country to engage the WASH partners in the area to deploy and assess the WASH needs in the locality.

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