Suspect who killed three children must face law

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The police unit in South Sudan has done a great job for revealing the person who murdered three innocent children in Rock City Residential area on the first of this month.  It has been bad situation to the people of South Sudan to experience such condition from their own son who is from Kaji-Keji area by the name Babu Emmanuel Lokiri according to the report published in the newspapers.

The information also said that the murderer is a student of Medicine at the University of Juba.  It is unfortunate to have such kind of a person taking a very important course which is expected to benefit people of this country to do that.  On the other hand, the management of the University of Juba should treat him as unqualified student. What he did has reflected bad image of his character.

Our students in University should be responsible people in the country, because tomorrow they will be good leaders.  The action of Lokiri should be the first and the last in this country. Nobody should be allowed to do the same act that turns the nation mood into mourning.

 Nevertheless, the management of the University should observe such kind of students. In case of anything, they would be discontinued not to contaminate the rests. Let this example help them to observe the behaviors of the students in University. However, the blood of the innocent children cannot go in vain. 

Though, such kind of practice should be stopped, such criminal activities tarnished the name of the country. Any country that has too much criminal act, at the long terms it would have bad records.  Addition to the children should not be left alone in the houses. There should be elderly people to take care of them in the house. During the war periods, Southerners scattered around the world. Some of them have adopted certain behaviors which contributed to criminal act. You cannot trust people whom you have been together. Your relatives can turn enemy to you.  

Thus, parents and guidance should be careful with people living with them even close relatives. Such an incident should not be allowed to repeat itself again in any area. Is reducing the dignity of individuals and giving bad names to the family. We need to educate our children to behave well, if they grow with fear of God, they will not commit such criminal activities.

May God bless us all.

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