Suspect arrested for killing a police officer in Lakes

By Mabor Riak

Authorities in Yirol West county in Lakes State confirmed that one person has been arrested in Maburzeet prison for killing a Police officer in Yirol West county.

The incident occurred in Abang Payam on Friday over the weekend when people were celebrating Good Friday.

 Rin Maker Mading, the Executive Director of Yirol West County said that the cause of the killing incident occurred as a result of a misunderstanding between the late and the civilian who killed the police officer.

“The suspect is now in prison in Maburzeet and the late and the one who killed him are from one family. The problem started when the suspect was passing by the house late and from there, some children at home lit the torch at him then the suspect became angry until the two parties fought”

He added that the two are belonging to one family but currently the investigation is going on until he will be taken to court.

“Our work is only to protect his life and to take him to face the law according to the crime he committed. We don’t have any other things to do. We have taken him to the police for investigation and then the police will send him to court because we are waiting for police investigators to exercise their work and from there the law can intervene and do what the law can find from the suspect whether he is guilty or not guilty, that will be according to the law but not any person,’. 

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