Suspect arrested for killing a man

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least one person has been arrested for allegedly killing a man in Warrap State.

The alleged culprit was on the run after killing a man on Saturday night.

According to the authority, the alleged culprit used a knife to kill the deceased in Gogrial West County when he was sleeping outside at his compound due to heat.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, one of the relatives to the deceased, Guot Mel said that the police informed them about the arrest of the culprit whose name has been revealed for further investigation.

“We want justice to be done because the constitution of South Sudan made it clear that anyone could be held accountable for his/her actions to the other. We all know that human being is not to be slaughtered like a goat, we will never forget in the history,” Mel said.

He added that the family was waiting for response from the State government to send the suspect to court. If the government is not solving the problem, well we are going to response like the way he did to our son,” Mel added.

Secretary General, Albino Akol Thony said for sure the culprit was not known where they came from but police in the State manage to arrest him.

“As I speak to you, Police has arrest suspects alleged behind the killing and the suspect was in custody for investigation from Police unit. The State government also talk to family of the late to remain calm as government investigate they root cause,”Akol said.

He added that the State government is working hard to protect citizens from violence and from the worst of life. The State government in this conception is the solution to collective action problems.

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