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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Education is the key to future life for the youth of this country if well messaged. It come with commitments and dire determination with self-respect and discipline. It came with a big heart of Jok Abraham Thon, founder of Promised Land Secondary School in Sherikat, Juba when he came to learn the case of unfortunate Michael Dut Arok who was the best student in primary four in 2018 who had lost hope against hope for joining university to continue with his education because his only uncle who was taking care of him could not afford until the appearance of Abraham in his life who took him in to help in the school. Now he has some hopes although not fully because he wanted to continue with his education, if only his uncle could manage then he could have met his log dream of becoming a highly educated citizens with purpose in life to help others. He looked sad when he remembers how he worked hard to be the best in the country but ended up with nothing if any. The case of this young man touches the soul and if there are people outside there who still consider human value and giving to the less fortunate then this is one case which should receive attention of the good Samaritans in and outside the country just to enable, he boy get education he so needs and so deserve. There are institutions and organizations that have come to the rescue of many unable pupils. Can the case of this young man who is longing and has the quest for education to achieve a documented career be that would not help him alone but also for the future development of the country. I remember what my colleague Louis wrote in this column yesterday about teachers that leaders who value teachers are treasured. I do not have much but true those who value education are equally treasured starting with teachers who must see us all through. Although they say that learning is a continuous process, that process goes through teachers to the final stage of life, those in the elite know-how are well aware that learning does not only end in classroom. This why good-hearted people like Abraham find it important in their treasured heart to support the youth who are in wanting and whose future hangs in the balance like Arok. It is only unrealistic that one gives help because of earthly expectation at the end. It is not what we should stand for at whatever time in our lives. We should give because the heart is telling us to give and leave the rest to almighty whose end pay is happiness and joy. Arok trust in yourself and hold onto Abraham as he has done to you. The way to higher learning institution might just be knocking and your dream could be answered.

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