Supporting Lifesaving Aid at Bentiu PoC site

Press Release

Japanese Ambassador  to  South  Sudan  Kiya Masahiko  visited the Bentiu  Protection  of  Civilians (PoC)  site  this  week,  where  Government  of  Japan partners  are  providing  humanitarian  assistance  to an estimated 115,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs). With over 7.6 million people in need of aid across  the  country,  the  support  of  the  Japanese people  is  critical  to  ensuring  relief  agencies  have resources to reach those most in need.

Through more than $3.6 million, the Government of Japan  supports  IOM’s  primary  health  care, emergency shelter and non-food items and water, sanitation  and  hygiene  programmes  in  crisis-affected areas across the country, including at the Bentiu PoC site.  These frontline and rapid response activities respond to the most urgent needs, while support to relief item pipelines ensures lifesaving supplies reach partners quickly, particularly in remote locations affected by severe food insecurity.

At the PoC site, Ambassador Kiya spoke directly with the community to listen to their concerns and their visions of the future in South Sudan. While speaking with a group of women, Ambassador Kiya expressed his hopes that  their families  would be  able  to safely  return home  soon and  assured  them that  he was working hard to promote peace in the country.

During  the  visit,  Ambassador  Kiya  visited  a  registration  centre  where  IOM  is  conducting  a  biometric registration of newborns and IDPs who have arrived at the site since late 2016. The site received a large influx of IDPs in late 2016 as insecurity in other parts of Unity forced thousands from their homes in search of protection.

Japan’s support to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) programme enables biometric registrations for displaced and vulnerable families, which help to improve IDP access to services and inform response planning. The Japanese government also supports IOM’s role in the Beyond Bentiu approach, which seeks to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable in areas beyond the PoC site.  IOM is  currently  undertaking DTM activities  in  Rubkona  County  to  provide  humanitarian  partners  with  information  required  to  provide targeted services outside of PoC site.


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