Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When we received the call from the Indian Embassy in Juba that one of us had been selected to go for a two month course in Delhi, we were all happy and that call although not the first one had opened another new chapter for Juba Monitor staff. In most cases only our journalists have had the privileges of going out for short and long term overseas training and seminars. This time it was different because the embassy had earlier sent a list of courses that were to take place in India at different period of time. Our own Administrator who doubles as our Project Officer, John Mangar was to leave the country for two months. I will not go into details. But he is leaving tomorrow and this in itself is a plus to Juba Monitor and the management for the institution to be recognized regionally and globally. This is just but to mention why l had accompanied John Mangar to the embassy. My take is however, the urge and the longing of the youth of this country to go for further education. It is so real that they need to be supported to reach their desired goal. It is so real that l met a number of students and youth who desired to get a chance to go to India to further their future. It is an urge and desire which should be open and given to these youth who are gearing to take this country to the next level. In fact one needed to see how eager and willing they were while waiting for their time for the interview to come. I am privy to information that more than 1,000 students or youth had applied for the only 15 positions which were available. This is an indication that more institutions of higher learning properly organized and recognized should open doors to the youth who are still keen to pursue their education in all sectors of socio-economic development. But, while doing this there must be check and balance on which institutions are training our youth. There must be separation between the good and the bad. However, other friendly countries should open the door like the Indian government to admit or to allow more students to take up different professions which would assist and help in the development of the country. There is no limit to education and anyone who longs for it should be given a chance. An educated country is a well-informed nation which makes informed decision on its growth and development. Let us give our youth a chance to further or pursue their education without much ado and support them when and where necessary. They are the future well-being of this nation. That they have shown interests in different fields; they should be given more chance to do just that. For India and other friendly countries, give support for the education of our youth for a brighter future.   

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