Support sports for unity

Look around, and find out countries that are developed, you will realize that four things make a great country, these include good leadership, economy, education and then games and sports. Good leadership does not disintegrate, segregate or humiliate people because of their ethnicity or livelihood. It does favor one group in the expense of the other but treats them as equally important. Recall the leadership of Libya where life was easy because the citizens had a caring leadership that valued their rights and lives first. One has to prepare a sauce at home and then goes to get free bread from the bakery, they had free transport, their children were given bank accounts and life was like in Paradise. Not long ago, they were made to kill their leader and crisis hit the country badly. The same thing leadership should happen in South Sudan, provided that we have resources, every citizen can benefit to have an improved livelihood.

The economy also plays a role in unity of people. With high prices in the market, citizens may not afford to buy their basic needs. Even those children who want to join football need to buy sport wear but may not afford and then they join other activities to waste time which at the end results into giving up dreams and preferring to engage in criminal deals. If there was a good economy, games and sports would be funded, such that the athletes even earn a living in what they do. Our young people can be united by bringing them together to play, laugh and share ideas or experiences together, eventually, they learn and inspire themselves as friends and dream-mates with common goals.

Education, many people who have not gone to school could be attached to their cultures, traditions and beliefs. They believe that how they perceive life is the same to everyone. Some even still think they are better than others because their community is well-known for something. It is, therefore, education which will let them learn a new World language understood by many, become civilized to live a social life.

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