A foot for thought

Support orphans Center

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday Juba Monitor team and other media houses went to orphans Center to share the joy of Odongo Odoyo happy birthday together with the children. It was made in a simple way but has big meaning to Odoyo, orphans Center and Juba Monitor family. According to the Director of the Center, Angelo Kenyi said there were a lot of challenges facing them. One of them was the issue of hunger and education of the children.
Many of the children reached to University level, others secondary school and the youngest were in the kinder garden. The children were somehow good but they lack hygiene in the house. Kenyi further said the Center is under renovation at the moment. I hope after finishing, it would improve the living standard of the children.

Those children need spiritual support so that they grow in better way with the fear of God. However, it is a collective responsibility to all of us to support the orphans as they were 61 children, both males and females. This is a great number; some of them would be responsible people in the country.

We need to invest on them because they are the future of this country. It was the birth day of Odoyo made us to know the situation of the orphans; otherwise, it is not possible to know how they are suffering and their living condition.  Those who are in University level had already taken step. After few years they will finish and get job or work in the same Center.

We need to encourage them and understand the missing needs in the house so that they don’t feel like they are orphans. Nevertheless, we need to create more activities to them, to keep them busy like sports in general, for example football both for females and males. I thank God for the success of the programme and understood the condition of the children.

May God bless us all.

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