Support Holy Ramadan Festival

By Rofina Teteng

Abdalla Baraj
Secretary General of South Sudan Islamic Council

The Secretary General of South Sudan Islamic Council called on the Islamic Organization, businessmen and well-wishers to support the process of Holy Ramadan Festival which will start in ten day sfrom this month.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview,the Secretary General Shiek Abdallah Baraj yesterday said the occasion requires a collective effort from the Islamic community in the country.

“Due to Covid-19 pandemic, last year we didn’t celebrate the Holy Ramadan Festival but we are going to send our committee to distribute food items to our Muslim brothers and some of the believers in different areas in Juba to avoid people gathering in one place,” Shiek Baraj said.

He thanked the Deputy Chairman of Sudan Sovereign Supreme Council General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemetti) for donating food items to the Islamic Community in South Sudan.

“It is the first donation that we have received as a community,” he said.

The leader urged the hold out group to come back to the country and join peace implementation.

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