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Support Alfred Taban who is under treatment in Kampala

By Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers and the entire people of South Sudan, I would like to inform you that Alfred Taban is sick; he was taken to Kampala on emergency condition last week. His medication is costing a lot of money on daily basis in which the family members cannot afford. Therefore I am taking this opportunity on behalf of the family and the entire staff of Juba Monitor newspaper to request you to contribute some money for his treatment. I kindly call upon everyone with good heart or well wishers to extend their hands of help and contribute some money to support him at the hospital in Kampala/ Uganda, whether you are Humanitarian agencies, charitable organizations, Embassies, churches, civil societies, individuals, group members or institutional units among others to support his treatment in the hospital.

I am also appealing to the government authorities to speak up in support of Alfred Taban and help cater for his bill of payments at the hospital. Alfred Taban is the former Editor in Chief of Juba Monitor. He is currently serving as a member of the National Dialogue and is an MP representing Yei River state in the National Transitional Legislative Assembly. Alfred fought very hard for the liberation of this country through media during the war between Sudan government and Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM). He is a freedom fighter in this country. He was working for BBC during those years of war. He had faced a lot of challenges during the time he was working in Khartoum /Sudan and South Sudan as well.  Now he is sick, we need to support him with treatment costs because of our love for him and we need to be in solidarity with the family. And also we need to continue, praying for him so that God will heal him. His sickness is serious and I cannot talk much but there is hope for his recovery. The most important thing is to continue with the treatment that needs money from us in form of contributions. If you want to contribute, come to Juba Monitor and ask for the finance office. If you are abroad, communicate through the following email addresses: siyaanna9@gmail.com, odoyo2002@gmail.com, jubamonitor@yahoo.com we would direct you on how to pay the money. Our solidarity is unity and love for Alfred Taban and his family.

May God bless us all?



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