A foot for thought

Summoned Governors should resolve issues in peace

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Based on the report published in the newspaper yesterday, the summon of the four governors and four area administrators by the National Council of states was a good step to get peace in the areas. A summons in any case is meant for solving problems in an amicable manner. Some people may think that if you are summoned, it looks like you have done bad things, let us understand it in a positive manner so that peace will be availed to all these states and administrative areas.

I wish everything would be resolved within the agenda proposed, if it needs support from other authorities for positive solutions, let them welcome it in a good faith.

I hope they would understand themselves in the process of discussions if the causes of the problems were from the governors, or chiefs of the administrative areas, let them accept so that peace will be restored in the areas.

Nobody in this world is hundred percent, a human being is subject to mistakes and they are to accept forgiveness for what had gone wrong.

It is only God who cannot make mistakes. However, in leadership, you should accept criticism and welcome change for the better. It will be easy for those who are leaders to others and ready to sacrifice their lives for people. If you don’t’ have good characters of leadership, you wouldn’t accept to be summoned.

Rather to think of who is above them in the states, this is wrong. A leader is a servant to people, can listen to them, and fear God by doing the right things as expected by people.

If the summoned governors have that character, the discussions would be in a smooth manner. Putin mind, leadership challenges, there is no leadership goes the way you like, for the reason that you plan for good and others are planning for devil things to destroy your leadership. Think wise and act wisely in anything you are doing and God will stand with you.

Our country is not in total peace because other people are working against others. We need to learn to do better for ourselves and to others. At the end of the world, you are answerable for what you did during your lifetime.

May God bless us all.

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