A foot for thought

Suicide cases far too many

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days there are many cases of suicides within Juba City and other parts of the country, among young and adults. Three days ago there was information reported in radio that a young girl of about 14 years old killed herself at Kator residential area due to family issues. The verbal report was that the mother of the late was married to another man.

She left the children and the late was the one taking care of them by selling tea to generate money to cater for their basicneeds in the house.  One day a family member quarreled and beaten her up at the same time; as a result she committed suicide. This is not the first time a young girl was committing suicide, sometimes back, the same case occurred in one of the states. The information reported was the matter of family member quarreling with the girl at the end she committed suicide.

In the same week a young boy at Konyo konyo area also killed himself, the reason was related with family quarrels. In these scenarios, quarrelling was the subject for young people to kill themselves.

However, parents should be careful in advising their children, they should study the nature of the conversation with young people in the families. Not quarrelling resulting to suicide. It is a great loss to give birth to children at the end families are not benefiting from them.  Above all, they should know God and understand the Ten Commandments of God. One of them is killing, you cannot kill yourself, it is a sin.

In the family, parents should pray with their children, teach them the good words so that they can fear God. Any person who understands bible and fear God cannot kill him or herself.

in addition to that, parents should encourage their children to go to church and listen to the word of God.  Let them read bible and reflect on it. There is nothing human beings can do in this world than being a friend of Jesus Christ. You cannot do that unless you are near God to ask Him to protect you always.

Let parents have good policy of approach to their children in the families. On the other hand, children should have good decision in any condition and conversations they may have with their parents. Committing suicide is not a solution to any problem. 

May God bless us all.

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