Sudanese student emerges victorious in Makerere University


The would be lawyer, Mr. Makuei Makur Akec (R) together with his mother standing in the middle.

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

At least South Sudanese student by name Makuei Makur Akec emerged victorious in Makerere University pre entry examination highly contested pre entry examinations countrywide, regardless of challenges facing, South Sudan, students still perform miracles educationally.

The son of the soil scored eighty one (81) percent beating the entire nation in 2018 entry exanimation, during Makerere University pre-entry examination in an effort to join prestigious Makerere University College of law as the Harvard of Africa to study law in Makerere University.

Makuei Makur Akec already named counsel by his colleagues and peers given his well-deserved victory speaking to Juba Monitor on Sunday   morning said he was surprised and at the same time humble because joining Makerere University has been a dream but difficult to achieve until news broke to the family through my friends he said.

Mr. Akec urged South Sudanese young people to be determined because they are the center of absolute strength of the nation by thinking positive and envisions a better tomorrow for South Sudan and make dreams of changing South Sudan to become peaceful home for all citizens a reality.

He said a country without proper education system is like “ Guns without bullets” therefore it is a collective effort to make sure that education is taken very seriously and used as an instrumental force to achieve easy realization of one self-strength  for better society of South Sudan. At personal level Akech congratulated his family members and the entire South Sudanese friends for being supportive throughout his struggle for a better education.

“I will always think about you and the future of our unprivileged citizens in the country and pray for them to get blessing and realize their dreams because without them achieving their goals in life, still South Sudan will not move forward because some of our brothers and sisters are not meeting their expectations in life, therefore it is our humble call for the rich and the poor to help each other materially and financially in order to challenge negativity that had engulfed the entire world we all live in,” said Akec adding that South Sudanese young people can become productive and scientifically oriented citizens when their thinking is based on broadminded aspect and become idealistic citizens of all society as the society is significantly influenced by the category of people who live around the world still have major role to play in shaping the future for all.”

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, his father recognized Makuei Makur Akec for being an outstanding student.  Makur Akec Chong father of Makuei Makur said “I was delighted and happy to see my son putting smile on South Sudanese faces for good reason, as father I will make sure that Makuei must continue to achieve his future dream in the field of education without doubt as far as I am concern,” he said.

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