Sudanese hope for successful peace talks in Juba

          By Anna Nimiriano

President Salva Kiir Mayardit launched Sudanese peace talks yesterday in Juba. The talks were witness by delegations from Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Egypt and other countries in the world. Hundreds of South Sudanese turned up to support the peace talks in Freedom Hall, as President Kiir hosted the delegates. It was the first time for South Sudanese to host Sudanese people for peace talks in Juba after long conflict in Sudan. Sudanese people had experienced conflict for about 63 years; more than two millions people became refugees and thousands died   during the war.

They have given their trust on President Kiir hoping that he will bring lasting peace and stability in Sudan. Many talks were conducted in various countries in Africa, but still there was no peace in Sudan. People of Darfur said that they have been marginalized in the country and were not getting their rights as citizens. It was said that for sustainable peace to come to Sudan, the root causes of the problems should be addressed. You cannot solve problems if you didn’t know the history of the war.   The issue of Darfur has become the main subject of the talks. The vision of President Kiir is to see peace in Sudan and South Sudan as the two countries were united.

The talks was a historical event in South Sudan where people expected South Sudan President Kiir will resolve it as he knows the problems of Sudan government. Yet, the talks were expected to bring positive result to the people of Sudan and end the conflicts in Africa and the world at large. Diplomats in South Sudan and other countries were ready to support the peace deal in South Sudan and Sudan. They showed seriousness by attending the talks and wished for sustainable peace in the two countries.

The talks will build unity and relationship of the Sudanese people at large. Sudanese people were likely to have good relationship among them after this peace talks, as one people and one nation. People of one country should not continue killing themselves for many years. The problem of Sudanese is a family problem like South Sudan conflict. Any domestic issues are to be tackled well by the citizens of the particular country.

To achieve peace in the country all guns should be silent, then people enjoy the fruits of peace. It was said that peace talks should continue after two months to come. Therefore, war must be stopped in Sudan and people should say “yes for peace”. People of South Sudan welcomed the peace talks with traditional dances from various communities. They proved their unity with Sudanese people and supported peace in Sudan as well as in South Sudan.

May God bless us all.

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