Sudanese final peace deal to be signed in two weeks

By Martha David

The Sudanese warring parties are expected to sign the final peace deal in two weeks’ time, said the chairperson of the mediation committee.

Tut Gatluak told journalists yesterday that the parties have reached agreement on most of the outstanding issues except the security arrangement which awaits the arrival of the security arrangement delegates headed by Abadul Aziz Alhelu to Juba to finalize the deal.

He said the Sudanese parties and the mediation committee were ready to sign the peace deal after finalizing some of the outstanding issues on the security arrangement next week.

“We have started talks on the security arrangement in some of the areas especially with the SPLM-North under Malik Agar, unfortunately the sudden death of the Sudanese Defense Minister in Juba has delayed the talks on security arrangement and we could not reach to some of the areas that were supposed to be covered by the security arrangement. I am expecting that the delegates will arrive Juba on Thursday,” said Galuak.

He explained that the agreement has covered all the outstanding issues on Darfur, two areas of Blue Nile Kordofan and the power sharing including the level of the cabinet and legislative assembly and the council of states.

Galuak also added that the security arrangement was the most important part for the peace agreement to be signed. 

“Without a full security arrangement, we cannot have a sustainable peace deal, the security arrangement is the only challenge now, we have done a big part of it, all the important outstanding issues we have solved it,” he pointed out. 

The Sudanese Parties have been in talks in Juba since 2019.

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