Sudan to resume S. Sudan oil flow

By William MadoukGarang

Sudanese authorities have reached an agreement after holding negotiations with protestors in Eastern Sudan to allow South Sudan oil export through the port.

The passage was blocked by protesters due to political and economic situation in the country following what the Sudanese Transitional Government claimed to be an attempted coup de ’tat. The protesters also claimed to have been locked out of the peace deal signed in October last year.

South Sudan exported its crude oil, as a major source of revenue to the international market via Port Sudan.

However, in a positive development last Sunday, the Sudanese government delegation met the rioting communities of the Eastern Sudan and secured a deal to allow South Sudan’s crude oil to flow via Bashayer oil Terminal Port.

Last Friday, the Minister for Information, Telecommunication & Postal Service Michael MakueiLuethexpressed concern that the protests by communities in Eastern part of Sudan had led to the closure of Port Sudan and halted oil flow.

Makueiwarnedthat if the impasse was not resolved immediately, it would lead to economic crush as the country depends almost entirely on oil revenue generated through export via the Sudanese Port.

“The joint meeting between the government delegation headed by a member of the sovereign Council, Shams El-din Kabashi, and the delegation of the Beja Council reached an agreement to allow the passage of South Sudanese export oil through Bashayer oil terminal port,” reads the statement seen on official Sovereign Council Facebook page.

The assembly also discussed numeral proposals on the issue of Eastern part of Sudan and resolved to open the port and the national roads to allow the flow of the goods to some parts of the states. The meeting also suggested to establishing an inclusive conference for the people of Eastern Sudan to find a lasting solution.

The overseer, Muhammed Amin Turk, said that they had initially accepted the proposal and asked to be given one week to consult with allied group who did not attend the meeting.

When contacted, Hakim Edward, theS.outh Sudan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson told Juba Monitor that he was not aware but would verify the information and communicate it as soon as possible.

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