Sudan political factions sign MoU

By RofinaTeteng

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) North which is led by Abdelaziz Adam Alhilu has signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU)with the Sudanese Democratic Unionist Party (SDUP) of Molana Mohammed Osman Almergani based on political issues.

The two group broke out last year during Sudan all rebel’s peace agreement in Juba.

Speaking to journalists in Juba, the Secretary General for Sudan People’s Liberation Movement Amar Amun said it was a continuation meetings of protocol signing between SPLM North (SPLM) and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) under the leadership of Mohammed Osman Almargani who isthe Deputy of the party. 

“There is a strong relationship between the Democratic Unionists Party and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement north since SPLM was one and it was an agreement signed between Almargani and Dr. John Garang in 1988.Almargani agreed to free Sharia law till the constitutional conference is convened,” Mr. Amun said.

He said that the coming together of the group (DUP) has brought back all political ties to work together.

The declaration of principles which was signed 3days ago between head of intergovernmental in Sudan and SPLM leaders has prompted the activation of all political parties.

“We have signed two protocols in regards to youth, women and humanitarian work. This also will put the whole DUP and SPLM inside government in control areas into actions,”the Leader said.

“There will be co-operation on humanitarian issues and the youth and also visitation of particular DUP youth and women to SPLM in control areas,” he added.

He said the party has alliance with their followers’ saying political membership has brought political leaders from control areas as one.

“Politically, we will work together in co-ordination whether in election or in political forums,” Mr. Amun stressed.

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