Sudan peace talks resume in Juba

By Martha David

Sudanese peace talks has resumed a week after the death of the Sudanese Defense Minister and the team leader for the security arrangement.

The talks between the opposition groups and the Sudanese Government were suspended after the death of the Sudanese defense Minister lieutenant General Jamal Aldin Omer in Juba who passed away on 25th of March 2020 due to heart attack.

In a press statement issued by the Chairperson of the Mediation Committee for the Sudanese peace talks Tut Gatluak said the parties are going to adopt a new approach as they were resuming the talks.

“The parties to the peace talks in Juba have agreed to resume the talks from yesterday (Thursday) 2nd April, 2020 and they have also agreed that the talks will have virtual between the parties due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,” Gatluak added.

He stated that the virtual talks have already started on Wednesday and the mediation committee has received the Darfur track agenda.

 He added that the agenda on two areas of discussion including the pending issues were sent to the Sudanese Government delegates in Khartoum for further studies and response.

Gatluak urged the mediation committee and parties to the talks to take a strong decision in order to reach the inclusive and sustainable peace that the Sudanese people are yearning for now.

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