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Sudan peace Celebration in Juba (part two)

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, in yesterday story, I talked about general picture of the celebration at the ground and how would be the impact for Sudanese people. In today’s version it is the important of the implementation of peace. Signing peace is easy but maintaining it needs determination and principles on how to go about it. Sudanese people had suffered a lot before South Sudan got its Independence under the leadership of the former President, Omer Hassan Al Bashir until they reach to this stage.

It has been hard work and struggling with many peoples who participated in peace talks with the leaders of the political parties in Sudan.  What is needed by this time for the people of Sudan is to forgive each other and build confidence among them. All those periods of wars, people have live as enemies, but now they become one people (Sudanese). In this point, the matter of forgiveness and reconciliation I am stressing here is very important among them.

Addition to that let them open new chapter with new system of working together, so that it would honor the efforts of those who stood with them in peace talks until the final stage of signing peace agreement on 3th of October, 2020.

President Salva Kiir Maryardit participation in signing peace with those who witnessed the event was a responsibility up on them. It was their love to the people of Sudan and Africa content at large.  Several South Sudanese are still in Sudan as refugees with the conflicts South Sudan had before. With the signing of peace deal, I am sure their living in Sudan is not like other neighboring countries. Still they remember the good times they had with Sudanese people during those periods of wars.

 Up to now people of South Sudan have truly shown sisterly love to the people of Sudan. With the signing of this peace the relationship between sisterly nations will improve more in terms of economic and border sharing activities.  People of South Sudan welcomed the peace by participating with traditional dances together with Sudanese living in Juba. The event was officially opened with the word of prayer to ask the presence of God and to intervene in the hearts of the parties.  Anything done with the power of God always successful because of the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

 Prayers conducted was for Sudan and South Sudan so that people continue working together according to the will of God because they were created by God.

God is the one who made change in the hearts of leaders to work together and respect human dignity.  I hope God has its hands in this peace and is going to be the real peace that could give people of Sudan freedom and stability.

  During the signing of peace, the faces of parties shows they were happy; and that reflects the true love and happiness. The next stage is for development and stability in Sudan and the neighboring countries and that to finish African problems. The witnesses of peace are advice to support people of Sudan in building confidence in the country.   It is important for the people of Sudan to work with transparency and accountability during this transitional period. 

May God bless us all.

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