Sudan parties start discussions on security arrangement

By Martha David

The Sudanese government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM)-North have started discussion on security arrangement aimed at ending the war in Sudan.

The leaders of the SPLM-North arrived Juba on Wednesday.

While speaking during the opening ceremony yesterday, the parties vividly spoke of their commitment to ending the violence in Sudan.

The negotiator of the Sudan Government Brigadier General Ahmed Mohamed Ali Subeir said that peace was already in Sudan and people were already living peacefully.

 “We assure our commitment that we have come with an open mind and heart to dialogue and dialogue until we get a possible solution for the security arrangement so that we reach a political agreement that can divert us from conflict,” said Subeir.

Mohamed Bashir Abdulla the SPLM North negotiator said that the security arrangement was the most important protocol for the peace deal because it entails all the other important cases that was a reason for creating all forms of injustice and that lead to war and especially massacre in Darfur.  

‘We are fully ready to sign the peace deal, the forbid the freedom and missuses of the security sector for political or ethnical or ideological purpose, and that can only happen with the security arrangement to make security sector be abide by the constitution and responsible for law enforcement to ensure that the services are rendered to the citizen in the nation,” Abdalla added.

He pledge to sign the peace deal as soon as possible to enable the rearrangement and structure of the security sector into unified forces, and that can make the people of Sudan feel secure and live in peace and harmony.

The head of the Mediation Committee for the Sudanese peace talks Tut Galuak said that the gap in the discussion on the security arrangement was too wide due to the coronavirus that has delayed the talks.

He added that the negotiation would include all the other parties and they have started with the SPLM-North. He said the negotiations would continue for three (3) days. In 2019, President Salva Kiir formed a committee to mediate talks between the Sudanese warring parties.

Sudan has been at war for many years with then Southern Sudan and with Darfur, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. The challenge in Sudan situation is lack of trust. The peace being mediated by South Sudan after independence is the hope for Sudanese.

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