Sudan parties committed to reaching deal despite coronavirus

By Martha David

Sudanese delegates to the peace talks in Juba say they are committed to continue talks to reach the peace agreement despite threats of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

The talks on Monday between the Sudanese warring parties were centreed on security arrangements.

The Sudanese Minister of Defense Jamal Omar said it was the first meeting for the security arrangements of the areas in Darfur.

He told reporters that the talks concern parts of the permanent ceasefire including disarmament and demobilization and setting free of war prisoners.

He added that it was a must to go through the security arrangement and they were expecting to reach the agreement by 28th of March.

 “The security arrangement is very important to us as government delegates, we must make a strong security arrangement so that we are able to have a permanent peace agreement in New Sudan,” he explained.

Omar Said the people of Sudan were in need of peace and security adding that it was one of the the main important issues that need to be solved.

“We insisted in this hard time when the world is facing the pandemic disease despite the instructions by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health in South Sudan, but we committed ourselves not to lose the courage to continue with the peace talks, but we shall follow the instruction given by the Ministry of Health in South Sudan,” Omar Said.

The Deputy Chairperson of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North SPLM\N Yasir Arman said the Sudan peace talks has become so important, especially in this hard time that it cannot be postponed.

He added that the purpose of the security arrangement was to make sure the country has unified national force that reflects one Sudanese.

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