SUDAN, Kiir leads peace talks in Juba

By Kitab A Unango

Peace talks between the Sudan interim government and its oppositions mediated by President Salva Kiir begun in Juba with parties showing eagerness to end the war and bring peace to the people of Sudan.

Over nine different armed and non-armed opposition groups are taking part in the talks including main opposition movements of Revolutionary Movement and Sudan People’ Liberation Movement/Army North.

Speaking during the opening session of the negotiations yesterday, President Salva Kiir commended rivalry parties for accepting his invitation to Juba to find amicable solutions to the Sudan prolonged conflict.

Kiir said peace could not come to any country through armed conflict adding it was possible if parties come together, discuss and find possible solutions.

“Any political conflict can be through the barrel of the guns but can be more successful through political dialogue, negotiation and compromises,” Kiir said.

The President also pointed out that lack of peace in his neighbor Sudan would lead to instability in the whole Africa and South Sudan in particular.

“If there is no peace in the Sudan, there will be no peace in the whole region,” Kiir stated.

President of the Sovereign Council of the Sudan, Abdel Fattah al Burhan said they would discuss with oppositions faithfully for the sake of Sudan and the over five millions Sudanese displaced both internally and in the neighboring countries.

“We come to negotiate in good faith for the sake of the Sudan. This negotiation will be different from all the previous ones,” Abdel Fattah said.

Dr. Alhadi Idris Yahya, Leader of Revolutionary Movement expressed his willingness to cooperate in good faith with the government to bring solution to the conflict in the Sudan.

“Time has come for us to stop war and killings in the Republic of the Sudan. It is time for the beginning of stability, peace, respect of human rights and economic development in the Sudan,” Idris said.

Present at the opening session were regional heads of states, among other dignitaries, Presidents Museveni Yoweri Museveni Kaguta of Uganda, Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed who doubles as IGAD Chairperson,  AU representative and Saudi Arabia King.

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