Sudan gov’t signs protocol for peace agreement

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday, Sudan government signed the first protocol for peace agreement in Juba the Capital of South Sudan to end conflict and move the peace forward in the country. It was a historical day for Sudanese people as they expect total peace in the country after the over thrown regime of the former President of Sudan Omer Hassan Al Bashir.

The signing of peace agreement was mediated by H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit and witnessed by many dignitaries from various countries. I hope the signing of peace agreement was a step and credit to President Kiir as true partner and mediator of Sudan.  It also made South Sudan to be recognized with this historical move, although there was not yet total peace too in South Sudan.

The main agreement was about security arrangement in Sudan. It was the main issue also in South Sudan. If there is adequate security in the country, the killing of innocent people would reduce as well as criminal activities.  A country that has good security should reduce criminal activities.

I know it was not easy to reach to that situation since the conflict of Sudan begun long time ago with the issue of Darfur. What happened was expected to reduce the suffering of the people in the country by having good policies of leadership? The leaders of the two countries should make sure that peace is realized in both countries and stability.

President Kiir has mediated Sudanese peace agreement and hope to end the outstanding matters in the country. Peace is not only signing the document but is to put the result of the agreement signed in to practice. During the peace celebrations yesterday, most of the information was said in classical Arabic. Majority of the people in South Sudan couldn’t understand it well including other foreigners in the country and globally.  Such celebrations should have translations from various languages so that majority of the people understand what have being said. 

I wish all the best to Sudanese government and progress. Not return to conflict rather to move ahead with peace process.

May God bless us all.

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