Sudan Gov’t allocates 20 percent seats to Darfur opposition

By Kitab A Unango

The Sudan Sovereign Council has agreed to allocate 20 percent of the civil servants to the Darfur opposition.

The agreement was reached on Monday between the interim government of Sudan and Darfur Track opposition groups.

The deal would ensure effective participation of people of Darfur in the Sudan interim government.

According to the agreement, Sudan government will allocate 20 percent of the posts in the civil service to Darfur citizens, including women and men during the transitional government.

They also agreed that Sudanese Prime Minister will issue an order within 45 days to resolve the problems faced by citizens of Darfur in the civil service sectors

The order would include establishment of two mechanisms to work under the General Commission for mandate of civil servants to study the main causes of civil servants’ problems and solve the problems within a short period.

Speaking to media yesterday, Mohamed Hassan Tahasi, Sudanese Military Sovereign Council spokesperson who heads the government negotiation team said the agreement would not only resolve the issue in Darfur but in Sudan as a whole   

“Today’s discussion was to resolve issues concerning civil servants in Darfur.

“We have completely agreed on how citizens of Darfur can participate in the government. We have gone through a lot of agreements before and we agreed to establish two mechanisms that will work under the General Commission for mandate of civil servants,” Tahasi said.

“First, to study the main causes of the problem which was a big historical in civil servants for citizens of Darfur and  secondly to solve the problems of civil servants for Darfur Citizens within a short time and to make strong civil service in all Sudan.”  

The commissions will be based on the population, positive discrimination, eligibility, incompetence and free compotation for Darfur citizens as was used to solve civil servants problem in the west Sudan and in the whole Sudan, he said.

Mohamed Tukut, Representative of Darfur truck commended the government of South Sudan for brokering the agreement saying the agreement was a big achievement to the people of the Sudan.

 “This is a positive peaceful achievement to both the people of Darfur and the government and this is very important to all the people of the Sudan,” Tukut said.

He pointed out that the deal would pave way for the negotiation of the remaining issues pertaining the power sharing the principals signed two months ago in Juba.

The Peace talks between Sudan Interim government and its opposition groups is being mediated by President Salva Kiir Mayardit in a bid to resolve Sudan conflict and end suffering of the country’s civil population.

Parties have so far signed several agreements on power sharing roadmap and permanent cessation of hostilities agreement.

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