Sudan Foreign Minister in Juba for talks

By John Agok

The new Sudan Foreign Minister Miriam Al Sadiq ElMahdi on Thursday held a closed-door meeting with President Salva Kiir Mayardit in a bid to resolvesticking issues derailing peace agreement in Sudan and extended serious concern over regional perspective.

This was her first visit to Juba since her appointment into the office, and a follow up of peace deal signed by the Sudanese government and armed groups in Juba, South Sudan and also to implementation of both Sudan, SouthSudan mechanismson borders and Abyei issue.

The Deputy Minister for foreign affairs Deng Dau said the purpose of her visit was to hold bilateral talks with the President and also to discussthe sticking issues related to the implementation of Sudan Peace agreement signed in Juba and flirt with the fact that, President SalvaKiir Mayarditis a key mediator in Sudan Peace process.

While in Juba, Dau also revealed that, Miriam Al Sadiq met withher Counterpart Beatrice Khamis Wani and shared a light moment in regards with Sudan and S. Sudan borders Mechanism corridors agreement including Abyei.

“The Sudan Foreign Minister discussed issues of borders and reviewed all Mechanisms including joint political and military committee chaired by both defenseMinisters of two countries.

The other committee chaired by information Minister looked at mechanism geared to address the border issues and other mechanism led by the Minister of East Africa Community Deng Alor who was keeping the files of Abyei Agreementswhich was also crosschecked,” Dau explained.

He acknowledged that, hisMinistry is very concerned regionally in addressing Sudan and Ethiopia crisis as well.

“The region is very concerned about issue of Sudan and Ethiopia and his Excellency the President Kiir won a trust from regional leaders for being a key mediator in Sudan Peace process,” he concluded.

Mariam Sadiq Al Mahdi, the new foreign Affairs Minister of Sudan, the Umma Party leader and the late Sadiq Al Mahdi’sdaughter is among the new cabinet of Sudan which is definitely to reign on the multiple challenges of insecurity in the various regions, pending pressing issues of economic recovery and restless population about reforms.

The appointment of such cabinetwas the outcome of the Juba Peace Agreement signed in October last year.

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