Sudan-Expo creates business opportunities-Minister

By Elia Joseph Loful

The Sudan-Expo Trade Fair exhibition conducted in Juba by Sudanese companies will create business opportunities between Sudan and South Sudan, Dr. Dhieu Mathok the Minister of Investment said Saturday during Trade and Investment Fair for Sudanese products in South Sudan.

“Why investment and trade fair for Sudanese products in Juba at this particular time? One, is to showcase products manufactured in Sudan and avail partnership opportunities available in business and industries for both countries,” Dr. Mathok said.

He added that the investment summit will be able to create jobs for the young people if the companies opts to open up industries in the country.

The event under the theme: “To effectively strengthen and diversify economies of the two countries was organized by Ministry of Investment, Ministry of Trade and Industry in Sudan and Ministry of Trade and Commerce in South Sudan, Sudaexpo in collaboration with Sudan and South Sudan Chambers of Commerce.

Dr. Mathok further stressed that the occasion marked the starting of various investment summit that are yet to be conducted in the country, saying it will boost remarkable development highly anticipated by the citizens.

“This important event will mark the beginning of series of exhibitions and business ties between the two countries. It will bring to light potential of industrial development in South Sudan and Sudan and will boost the growth of business in between the two countries,” Dr. Mathok said.

The Minister stated that the South Sudan is endowed vast resources which need to be utilize, adding that the capacity to transform the resources into usable goods is lacking.

“South Sudan is a land of huge investment opportunities, we are blessed with vast natural resources in term of fertile land, water resources, forest minerals petroleum and others. What is lacking is value in other words we are lacking capacity of transforming these resources into finish goods,” he said.

Dr. Mathok called on business communities and Sudanese investors to work together to order the country’s economy.

In one of the cabinet meeting last year, President Kiir said the 2021 will be a year of investment.

Abbas Medeni Abbas, the Sudan Minister of Trade said the two countries should work hand in hand to build one economy.

“Today we want to think about working together for one economy for both of us, that is Sudan and South Sudan,” said Medeni. He added that South Sudan and Sudan has great opportunities which can create economic relations with other countries. 

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